Petits trous bourgeois à dépuceler (1984)

Alternate Titles
Adolescentes Débutantes alternative French title
Baby d’amour West Germany, Videorama
Bocche infuocate di piacere stolen Italian title
C’est jeune et ça fait tout alternative French title
Jeux intimes à domicile stolen French title
on Italian video release
Jouissance totale video re-issue, Fil à Film – Rayon X , France, 71 minutes

The character played by Nathalie Idoux lives in a house in the country near the sea. She is up and about early on her bike and returns home to wake her friend, a big-boobed brunette (Veronique [2]), who joins her in the shower. They adjourn to the bedroom and the maid (Cathy [2]), another big-boobed brunette, comes in with the breakfast tray and gets grabbed for a threesome. Cathy fists Veronique.

Nathalie then goes downstairs and interrupts her grandfather and a woman (XNK0577) having a snog on the couch. She goes to the beach. Meanwhile, the cook is in the kitchen being teased by the maid who imitates giving head, using a fish. They have sex over the kitchen table.

Then we see Nathalie and Veronique with her boyfriend, but Nathalie seems reluctant so her friend carries on alone, giving Dominique St-Clair a blow job. Helena leaves and the other two have sex.

Nathalie finds XNK0577 and the cook at the kitchen table with the maid at the sink. She and the maid leave and the other two grope each other, the XNK0577 using a cucumber as a dildo.

Nathalie goes to fetch her friend (Isabelle Brell) from the station. On arrival the friend goes straight to her room and listens to her Walkman. Outside a group of friends are sitting at a table on the lawn – Nathalie, her big-boobed friend, Dominique St-Clair and Christophe Clark with Marianne Aubert and Valerie Sidy (aka Framboise) with the maid in attendance.

Nathalie joins her guest upstairs, Valerie Sidy has sex with Christophe in the field (joined by the maid for a threesome). Then Christophe goes to lie down but Marianne and Dominique come in and he gets her to give Christophe a blowjob while he sleeps. He wakes and a threesome follows. Anal for Marianne from dominique.

Nathalie and her guest go for a walk by the sea. Valerie is lying nude on the grass reading a book. Nathalie joins her. Nathalie’s guest has gone back to her Walkman, but Marianne comes in and initiates a lesbian session. Christophe peeps from the door and then joins in and then the cook comes in and makes it a foursome.

Finally Dominique joins Nathalie who is sunbathing nude and she gets her man.