Friends (1971)

Perhaps the most concerning thing about this film is the way many reviewers only see it as controversial, because it deals with young love. Also the ideals it sets out are how we would like to see the world, but are often prevented from doing so.

Get past all this and you have a simple story of a boy and girl, who become friends and develop into lovers; but mostly outside of society’s rules. While they pay lip service to certain conventions, they don’t allow the rules to control their daily lives. The need for money requires the boy to get a job, but beyond this they live an idealistic existence in the beautiful surroundings of the Camargue.
If you don’t get a warm feeling while watching this film, then you have a cynicism that will spoil any innocent storyline. This may not be the Hollywood blockbuster that makes a lot of money, but it’s one of those films whose story is very relevant at any time.

Actors: Anicée Alvina