Das Mädchen mit der heißen Masche (1972)

Sybill Danning, really that’s all you need to know.

Upon arriving home from a two-day trip a woman finds her boyfriend, Rolf, in bed with the housekeeper. After turning down his invitation to join them, she finally decides that if he won’t marry her, she is leaving him. After she leaves, he fires the housekeeper because when he needed an aspirin she brought it to him naked. The woman then visits her friend, Andrea, who answers the door naked and after getting rid of Andrea’s boyfriend they discuss the problem then take off their clothes and go to bed. Andrea upon hearing that Rolf will not marry her, bets her $200 that she can make Rolf propose to her without sleeping with him. Andrea goes to the house where Rolf is struggling mightly in the kitchen trying to make coffee and eggs. She immediately gets the housekeeper job and starts here duties right away. Rolf’s assistant then shows up. Turns out Rolf is a sex advice columnist and he and his assistant frequently act out the questions sent in by readers. After reading one of the letters the assistant takes off her clothes. Rolf continues to pursue Andrea who continues to tease him. After first saying that he is not her type, she quickly moves to liking him and then demanding that he marry her. For some reason, Rolf has become impotent despite the numerous attractive women that stop off at his house to take their clothes off and throw themselves at him. After some misunderstanding nearly causes the two loverbirds to split, Rolf finds the naked Andrea in his pool and we presume they get married.

It is always tough when a film that people don’t spend much money on gets translated into different lanquages. Proper translation requires time and effort, time and effort that is not going to be paid for by someone making a sexplotation film. Because of my generous nature, I always assume that some of the plot got lost in the translation with some of these odd European movies. The alternatives are almost too grusome to consider otherwise. If “Julia” with Silvia Kristal is meant to be taken seriously on any level it means there are some really sick puppies over there. At least in French Pussycat, the movie just doesn’t make sense. Rolf writes a sex column and people send him letters asking for advice. He seems to be well known and he is surrounded by women who want to have sex with him, these include two ex-girlfriends, his assistant, a reporter and his housekeeper. And it is not like he has to do anything to get these women into bed. One of the ex-lovers shows up proclaiming her intention to rekindle her relationship with him. So when Andrea shows up and refuses to have sex with him, it is not like he doesn’t have alternatives. Rolf does suddenly become impotent which I guess we are supposed to see as a symptom of his great love for Andrea. He tries to have sex with the other women but fails. Andrea pretends she has two boyfreinds but fakes having sex with them because she has fallen for Rolf. You see it would be wrong to actually have sex with her old boyfriend, but it is okay to pretend to have sex with him and lie to Rolf about it in a continued effort to trick him into marrying her. Anyway, the two bicker and fight and spend a lot of time naked together. I think it is supposed to be a light romantic comedy with lots of nudity. Oh, well it is not like I watched this one for the plot anyway.

Really the main reason to watch this movie is for Sybil Danning. Because of the Hayes Code in America there was a lot of film censorship in America through from the 30’s through the late 50’s. What started as a trickle of nudity at the end of this period became a full scale flood through the 60’s until “Deep Throat” in 1972 made hardcore pornography something that could be talked about openly. Cable was just getting started around the same time and while they didn’t show porn, they were a huge market for softcore. Danning appeared in several of these before coming to America to play bit parts in some main stream films (“The Three Musketeers” and “Concord”) and bigger parts in lower budget movies (“Malibu Express”, “Reform School Girls” and “They’re playing with Fire”). So Danning was in a lot of movies that played on cable in the 80’s and early 90’s. She is rarely mentioned as a scream queen probably because by the time she started playing in horror movies, she had moved on to playing the evil characters; she plays a terrific prison warden. It is always good to see her in a movie even if the movie is pretty bad. Danning did, however, manage to appear in a number of great B movies including the under-rated “Battle Beyond the Stars” John Sayles’s retelling of Kurosawa’s “The Seven Samurai” which featured James Cameron doing art direction.