Dreams of Misty (1984)

Director: Max Strand
Studio: VCX

Starring: Ed Michaels, John Holmes, Marc Wallice, Misty Dawn, Nick Random, Pat Manning, Scott Irish, Jade Nichols, Shaun Michelle, Tantala Ray

—Misty Dawn turns in a wonderful performance in dual roles of a both a mature grown woman and an innocent, naive teenager. Dreams of Misty is an unsung classic with a sex positive attitude that delves into realistic fantasies that are born out of a beleivable storyline. Misty’s real-life husband, John Holmes, turns in a cameo as the “Fantasy Man” in the opening fantasy sequence
—Misty is woman… Misty is sex… Misty is… Misty Banks is a highly successful psychiatrist whose special insight into human sexuality leads her and her patients into realms of experience that transcend the normal borders of erotica. Misty takes those under her care into an almost mystical physical reality that shakes every muscle, nerve and thought pattern into sensory explosions. Misty is young… Misty is love… Misty is… She looks like an angel. With experience beyond her years, Misty leads everyone through troubled times and teaches them the value of sensual exploration unlocking the doors of inhibition and suppression. Misty takes an active part in sexual therapy and turns everyone on to her and themselves.