Favola crudele (1991)

Director: Roberto Leoni
Studio: Filmirage, Eureka Films, Filmodeon

Starring: John Savage, Mirella Banti, Claudia Gerini, Jenai Ricci, Lucio Rosato, Bruno Burbi, Alberto Capone, Rodolfo Corsato, Giuseppe Mauro Cruciano, Roberto Gandini, Maria Grazia Nazzari, Mino Sferra
Description: Nine-year-old Angelica lives with her sister Beatrice and her nanny Martina on a desert island and wishes she could have a handsome prince to play with. Not far from the island, a terrorist named Roy escapes while being transported between two prisons by boat. Together with the policeman he is handcuffed to, he is found by Angelica, who takes care of him, sure that he is her “handsome prince”. But in the following days, the policeman falls into the sea and Beatrice and Martina die after strange accidents leaving Roy alone with Angelica.

Alternative Title:
The Dark Tale
Cruel Fable

Actors: Mirella Banti