Et avec les oreilles qu’est-ce que vous faites? (1974)

This little French sex-comedy revolves around two young men who are about to shoot their first movie. They soon realize that their idea of making a classy historical arthouse picture won’t see the light of day. Their sleazy (but somewhat likeable) producer (brilliantly played by Louis Navarre) demands changes in the script, turning the whole thing into a completely different movie – a sex movie.

It is very charming and genuinely funny at times. You can tell that whoever wrote this let the personal experience flow into the script. All the scenes with the producer are just pure gold. A few times he mentions the ingredients that a good movie needs, according to him: sex, violence, a woman, a man – that’s real life. The producer is a total dick. But he is somewhat charming and in the end, his character even gets involved romanticly with the young director’s aunt.

Besides Louis Navarre, who perfectly portraits the sleazy producer, the cast has some interesting names. Two Jess Franco actresses, Jacqueline Laurent (Lorna the exorcist) and Tania Busselier (La Comtesse Perverse, Greta – Haus ohne Männer) have small roles in this. Neither of them is credited on IMDb or letterboxd. The two male leads who play the upcoming director and writer are great.

Yeah, very fun sex-comedy and spoof of the movie biz. I liked the Paris setting as well. Music and cinematography are excellent also.