Les gardiennes du pénitencier (1981)

Some time after the end of WWII an escaped Nazi General is now in charge of a South American prison (all women of course). A couple of agents are dispatched to locate and kill him. Endless prison scenes of the women being mildly abused and lots of unnaturally jolly chatting ensue. There’s also a vague, unclear attempt at a prison break.

Truly unwatchable incomprehensible rubbish. Again footage from Elsa Fraulein SS, Helga She Wolf Of Stilberg and Special Train For Hitler is apparent, however this is mainly a re-edit of Franco’s own Barbed Wire Dolls with very minimal new footage shot, probably from a Eurocine film that was aborted near the beginning of it’s production.

“Women in Prison” and “Nazi-Exploitation” are, hands down, the two absolute most worthless sub genres in horror/cult cinema. I should know because I’ve seen way too many of them. Apart from a few notable worthwhile classics, like “Chained Heat” and “Ilsa – She Wolf of the SS”, all these movies are dull and overly provocative rehashes with the exact same derivative themes and taboos over and over again. Moreover, a lot of these films even shameless copy entire sequences of other films and blatantly paste without even bothering about the fact actors and filming locations look entirely different. That’s just downright lame and insulting to your audience. “Jailhouse Wardress” is yet another 100% insignificant and worthless piece of exploitation garbage that plagiarizes no less than three (equally insignificant and worthless) pieces of exploitation garbage. A former Nazi big shot manages to escape to South America near the end of WWII, but he isn’t exactly looking to keep a low profile. On a tropical island he becomes the managing director of a women penitentiary where, of course, the inmates are exhibitionist lesbians and the wardens are sadist perverts. There are a handful of potentially interesting story lines, like a plot to assassinate the Nazi and a pretty blonde inmate on a quest for vengeance, but they all lead absolutely nowhere and instead the cameras are more interested in the hideous and overly hairy naked body of a couple of elderly lesbians. The sex sequences are boring beyond words and the efforts to make the villains look purely evil are truly hilarious! A monocle?!? Please! Someone has seen one too many James Bond movies! One to avoid at all costs, but I assume that won’t be much of a problem.

AKA Jailhouse Wardress