Ta paidia ton louloudion (1973)

The film takes place in the cosmopolitan Greek island of Rhodes where a bunch of hippies spend their holidays seeking an easy and carefree way of life using legal and illegal means in order to get it. Two young men on summer vacation trying to raise money to get their friend out of jail meet an uninhibited girl who they both fall for and have erotic relations with with.

Another Omiros Efstratiadis exploitation movie from the 70’s.
It’s set  on the island of Rhodes, and the director seems to utilise the ‘tourist trap’ aspect in order to apply more padding time to his movie

The original Greek title (‘The Flower Children’) tries to make it sound ‘in’ with the then current hippie era, while the movie paints a bleak image of a completely unhinged generation who indulge in ‘free love’ and sell their body to the highest bidder at every opportunity. All this because…their folks don’t get them. (yes, they actually say that in the movie )
It stars the late Maria Vasileiou as Maya, a drifter who meets Harry and Jimmy on the set of an amateur porno movie.
These two also work as gigolos trying to pick up on wealthy tourists. Their goal is to raise enough money to get their buddy Marios out of jail.
Once the ruthless and greedy Marios is back, the dynamics between the trio of old friends and the newcomer Maya begin to shift and unravel with deadly consequences.
It all wraps up really abruptly as is often the case with those movies.

‘Maya’ is generally given lots of cringe-worthy lines and a corny tomboy attitude.
Besides her birthday suit, you can also marvel at her baffling ‘psychedelic’ fit of rage which simply occurs after…two puffs from a suspicious cigarette.

Another bizarre detail is…who could imagine heterosexual men decorating their apartment with posters of themselves and their male friends.
I guess that was the hippie generation…as perceived by Greek film makers