Peccati di giovani mogli (1981)

Director: Angelo Pannaccio (as Angel Valery)

Starring: Elisabeth Tulin, Guia Lauri Filzi, Marina Hedman, Marisa Harrison, Sandra Cardinale, Veronica Gibbeson, Tony Fusaro, Giuseppe Curia, Pino Marocco
Description: Marina Frajese herself goes to a cinema to watch her latest film but the action is mostly in the room. She practices intercouse with a moustached dwarf. A pseudo-schoolgirl seduces a member of the audience. A woman gets her kicks with her poodle-dog. An old and very excited man watches a soldier’s hands exploring the body of his girlfriend. Lesbian scene in the toilets. A man realises the girl whose pants he is trying to get into is in fact a transvestite. Three young men talk with the two women seated just before them and soon undress them.

Alternate Titles
Bioflickans Sexdrömmar
Le Regine 1986
La Spécialiste du Cine (excitante et vicieuse)