The Takers (1971)

Director: Carl Monson
Studio: Image Entertainment

Starring: Susan Apple, Fred Bush, Coe Bart, Kim Kiya, Louise Douglas, Deborah Borroli, Dennis Troy, Rulo Thumb, Tony Zero, Carl Monson
Description: Another smutty blend of insanity from Harry Novak and directed by Carl Monson (under the alias Carlos Monsoya!).

This is a blend of biker and skin that has all the elements you would expect from the talents of Monson and Novak. E.J and Will are the lead Bikers, two scum-bags who mean to do what they want and when they want it, whose penchant for L.S.D, Sex and Shooting is only matched by their thirst for more degenerate and inspired acts of violence. They break into houses and accost the lady’s inside at this point Will has the “I’ve been” line thrown at him, which does not go down well. From here on in the action gets even more off kilter, I won’t go on to ruin a good tale just see this classic for yourself.
Imagine seeing this one in the cinema at the time, I would have loved to see the audience reaction.