Ossessione fatale (1991)

Director: Joe D’Amato
Studio: Filmirage

Starring: Carmen Di Pietro, Jonathan Bertuccelli, David Dahlgren, Richard Douvillier, Jennifer Loeb, Anthony Lacan, Jean Taylor, Jose Castro, John Fernstein, Troy Williams, Eddie Logan
Description: Tony is a young man with a gambling habit: he loses $10,000 in a poker game with Drumond, the boss of the neighborhood, and has 24 hours to settle the debt. To obtain this sum, he agrees to steal a large-scale car on commission, but finds himself unexpectedly forced to kidnap Liza, a young and beautiful television journalist who owns the car. Both are attracted to each other and experience (with mutual pleasure) a sexual relationship at home. With a stratagem, she manages to narcotize him and to handcuff him to the headboard of the bed, overturning the situation in her favour, making him her hostage. Completely naked and immobilized, he becomes the sexual object, which will make her try new and pleasant experiences, to the point of falling hopelessly, reciprocated, of Liza