Same Time Every Year (1981)

Director: Fred J. Lincoln

Starring: Loni Sanders, Mike Ranger, Tiffany Clark, Milton Ingley, Paul Thomas, Lynx Canon, Ron Jeremy, China Leigh, Holly McCall, Herschel Savage, Lee Carroll, Phaery Burd, Starr Wood, Kathy Harcourt, Coral Cie
Description: Three husbands have a routine where they go away together each year to what they tell their wives is a business convention, but is actually a sex resort. What they don’t realize is that their wives are getting fucked silly while they’re away.

  • Scene 1. Loni Sanders, Mike Ranger
  • Scene 2. Lynx Canon, Paul Thomas
  • Scene 3. Tiffany Clark, Michael Morrison
  • Scene 4. Loni Sanders, Herschel Savage
  • Scene 5. China Leigh, Holly McCall, Ron Jeremy
  • Scene 6. Lee Caroll, Paul Thomas
  • Scene 7. Lynx Canon, Starr Wood
  • Scene 8. Tiffany Clark, Blake Palmer, Jerry Wad
  • Scene 9. Phaery I. Burd, Michael Morrison
  • Scene 10. Coral Cie, Kathy Harcourt, Mike Ranger