Sexual Freedom in Denmark (1970)

Starting as a documentary on the sexually liberated culture of late-Sixties Denmark, Sexual Freedom in Denmark winds up incorporating major elements of the marriage manual form and even manages to squeeze in a montage of beaver loops and erotic art. All narrated with earnest pronouncements concerning the social and psychological benefits of sexual liberation, the movie, is a kind of mondo film dotted with occasional glimpses of actual sex. Tame by the standards of 1971, when adult loops and features would begin to flood certain metropolitan markets, the film was shocking enough in 1970 to instigate media attention and long lines at the box office.

After only a few watches, this great doc has easily become one of my favorites, mainly because of nostalgic reasons. Though the tone remains pretty serious and reputable during the entire film, the whole thing is a nice nostalgic look at the attempts of the late 60’s to loose up the strict morals and thoughts on sexuality, trying to establish a more open-minded approach on it. For example, the doc deals with general views on sexuality through mankinds history, the funcionality of male and female sexual organs, various positions in bed while explaining the grade of joy each partner experiences and many other aspects of a more liberated view on sex, porn or sexuality in general.
Can’t recommend this enough, check the screens and you know with what natural awesomeness you are dealing with – all put in perspective  by a goofy but entertaining interviewer.