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Démarcheuses en chaleur (1979)

It’s a rather confusing porn film at first because there’s a rather hardcore sex scene at first. However, the funny music and laughs from the female pornstar don’t watch the overall tone. If you can handle that, then the rest is more than enjoyable.

There are sex scenes near the potato fields, at the lake, in the farmhouse, and more. The main female pornstar is always the same and only at the very last part do you get to see someone else. Movie ends with a female, female, male threesome, followed by a spontaneous foursome.

Director: Jean-Marie Pallardy
Studio: Cine 7

Starring: Valerie Martin’s, Marie-Claude Viollet, Genevieve Hue, Murielle Cadix, Gabriel Pontello, Alban Ceray, Hubert Geral, Gabriel Tesson
Description: Gilbert and Marie-Claude are just married. But when he brings her to the bedroom, she is very reticent and refuses to make love. She will finally accept, in a flower field, but is still hesitating. Later Gilbert will explain her how to satisfy a man with her mouth. As from then she will love sex and she will even participate to an orgy. Will their love resist to that lust ?
A great performance of Marie-Claude Viollet.

Alternate Titles
Erotic Sex Orgasm partly fake cast credits