Le cri de la soie (1996)

Director: Yvon Marciano
Studio: La Sept Cinema, Les Films du Scarabee, Mimosa Productions

Starring: Sergio Castellitto, Marie Trintignant, Anemone, Adriana Asti, Alexandra London, Didier Sauvegrain, Philippe Morier-Genoud, Monique Couturier, Marc Betton, Camille Japy, Anne Jacquemin, Sylvie Milhaud, Anne Alvaro, Pierre Baillot, Vincent Boussard, Rodolfo De Souza.

Description: An illiterate seamstress has a powerful fetish for silk which gets her into trouble. The psychiatrist sent to help her becomes fascinated by her case and when he returns to France from World War One they fall in love, an affair that can only end in tragedy.

Alternative Title:
The Scream of the Silk