Guerra conjugal (1974)

Director: Joaquim Pedro de Andrade
Studio: Filmes do Serro, Industria Cinematografica Brasileira

Starring: Lima Duarte, Joffre Soares, Carmem Silva, Carlos Gregorio, Itala Nandi, Analu Prestes, Carlos Kroeber, Cristina Ache, Dirce Migliaccio, Elza Gomes, Maria Lucia Dahl, Oswaldo Louzada, Lutero Luiz, Wilza Carla, Zelia Zamyr, Maria Veloso, Virginia Moreira.

—Several stories unfold in parallel. The lawyer Osíris, who seduces women in his office, becomes Olga’s lover, a lady who feigns modesty to feel more desirable; a friend of Osiris, well positioned in society, feels homosexual desires; a poor couple lives in increasing conflict; and the shy Nelsinho only feels fit for a full married life after having relations with a prostitute
—Story centered on three distinct protagonists who live in the city of Curitiba: a married lawyer cannot control his amorous and sexual impulses, and for that reason he tries to conquer all his clients; a grouchy old man who is always fighting with his wife because of jealousy and petty nagging; and an angsty young man with a craving for unconventional sexual adventures who struggles to find the right woman to bond with.

Actors: Lima Duarte