Das Gasthaus zum scharfen Bock (1978)

Alternate Titles
Emotions sexuelles Dir. Hans Kosben (fake name) France
Das Gasthaus zum scharfen Bock  Herzog
Känn min sköna sparris Sweden
P… comme penetrations mouillées on-screen title of French re-release
Penetrations mouillées French re-release title
La Porno taberna
Sexy Bistro Dir. Jürgen Enz Italy

Director: Jurgen Enz (as Kenneth Howard)
Studio: Herzog

Starring: Adi Apffel, Christa Abel, Ginny Noack, Sigrun Theil, Harry Miller, Jurgen Enz, Norbert Schreier, Sepp Gneissl
Description: These are the stories of young men and women (for the time, this is a classic movie after all) doing their thing without regrets. In a bar, in a kitchen-sex knows no boundaries. They say when you gotta go, you gotta go, but that philosophy also applies to sex. When you’re horny, you need to embrace it and fuck.