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Le amorose notti di Ali Baba (1973)

Ali Baba, son of the Cadi – the chief judge of the Caliphate -, is an unrepentant womanizer. Among his voluntary “victims” is Astrid, the Swedish wife of the gardener. To convert the dissolute son, the Cadi – who hates women because of his disastrous weddings -, calls to court Professor Freuch. Ali tries to hinder him from start giving him all sorts of mishaps, but is forced by his father to attend the administration of justice of the kingdom, which usually ends with the condemnation of women. Following a revolt of women, led by Astrid, the Caliph intervenes; but thanks to her wisdom and some magic potions, Astrid converts to women both the Cadi and – only for a few days – Isba, the homosexual grandson of the head of Zada’s harem. Instead Ali Baba pretends to still hate women, and continues his dissolute life. Eventually Isba, vanished the magical effect, chases the terrified Freuch and Ali Baba escapes with Zada whom he wants to marry, while thinking – of course – about his future harem …

Date: May 28, 2021