Hot Honey (1978)

Honey is afraid of sex, so her boyfriend cheats on her. Honey’s girlfriend helps her overcome her issues. Honey is now into it so much that she loses her virginity with her brother, when she comes home and catches his nurse seducing him.

Sexually repressed young virgin Honey (sweetly played by fetching slender blonde Colleen Anderson) refuses to make love to her frustrated boyfriend Johnny (brawny Jack Hammer). Honey instead spends her time tending to her angry and domineering wheelchair-bound brother Michael (Jamie Gillis in fine overbearing form). However, Honey eventually experiences a belated sexual awakening that compels her to start seducing both men and women alike.
Director William Lustig, who also co-wrote the racy script with Travis Webb, certainly delivers the arousing goods with the hot, raunchy, and explicit carnal set pieces: We’ve got kinky S&M, brother/sister incest, some extremely steamy lesbianism, and, best of all, a super scorching and strenuous climactic threesome. The presence of a trio of tasty babes in substantial supporting parts provides extra sizzle: The always yummy Serena as an enticing nurse, buxom stunner Lisa Marks as the tantalizing Sara, and foxy brunette Robin Byrd as the lusty Bette. Robert Lindsay’s fairly polished cinematography boasts a few neat fades and dissolves. The funky-throbbing score by Chris D’Antoni and Richard Rau hits the get-down groovy spot (the disco theme song in particular is a real catchy number). The opening credits sequence presents some choice footage of Times Square in its gloriously seedy 70’s heyday. Recommended viewing for fans of Golden Age adult fare.