American Translation (2011)

Co-directed by Pascal Arnold and Jean-Marc Barr, American Translation stars Pierre Perrier as charismatic drifter Christophe, who we first meet half naked and fleeing from the body of a young woman in the woods, so his card is marked from the start. Shortly afterwards, Christophe picks up rebellious young French-American Aurore (Lizzie Brochere) in a hotel bar and drives her out to the woods in his van, where they have lots and lots of sex. Instead of murdering her, Christophe begins an intense sexual relationship with Aurore and the pair move into a flash apartment owned by her wealthy but frequently absent businessman father (Jean-Marc Barr). However, things take a dark turn when Christophe “accidentally” kills a young male prostitute they hire for a woods-based van romp and Aurore begins to suspect that Christophe may be a serial killer.