Apocalipsis sexual (1982)

A band of kinky perverts kidnap a young heiress and teach her the joys of sexual decadence in this rare psycho sleazefest by Carlos Aured and Sergio Bergonzelli. The film is loaded with lots of rough sex and sexual torture, so fans of dirty exploitation cinema will be pleased. “Apocalipsis Sexual” is among the nastiest Spanish sexploitation flicks I have seen. It makes Wes Craven’s “Last House on the Left” and “Late Night Trains” look like kindergarten stuff. So if you are a fan of Lina Romay or Ajita Wilson you can’t miss this nasty piece of filth.

— HumanoidOfFlesh (IMDb)

Director: Carlos Aured

Alternate Titles
Je suis une petite cochonne France
Sexual Apocalypse