I mavri Emmanouella (1980)

Alternate Titles
Black Emmanouella Greece
Emanuelle Queen Bitch UK
Emanuelle Queen of Sados International English title
Emanuelle the Seductress USA, cut version
I Emmanouella sto nisi tis Afroditis Greece
Emmanuelle Queen of Sados UK, VHS box title
Director:Ilias Milonakos
Notes:Greece, c. 91 mins. Softcore action film. A hard version may exist.

This time around, Emanuelle isn’t a world famous reporter, but rather the vengeful wife of a businessman who is out to settle the score after being sexually abused by her despicable hubby Victor and his equally nasty colleagues, Ilona (Nadia Neri) and Robert (Gordon Mitchell).

After hiring a killer named Mario (Haris Tryfonas) to bump off her wicked spouse in a ‘flying accident’, Emanuelle is appointed the executor of her step-daughter Livia’s inheritance, plus control over her late husband’s business, and wastes no time in making life hard for Ilona and Robert. Upset at Emanuelle’s interference, and not entirely convinced that Victor’s death was accidental, Robert decides to do some investigating which makes Mario less than happy…

A Greek Cypriot production directed by Ilias Mylonakos, Sados never plumbs the depths of tastelessness reached by Italian filth-monger Joe D’amato in his more infamous Emanuelle films: the sex is strictly soft-core—raunchy but not explicit—and there is certainly no gore to speak of. Despite this, Sados does manage to be uncomfortable viewing at times, thanks to the presence of jail-bait actress Livia Russo, who as blossoming teen Livia not only has to strip off for a shower scene and dance suggestively (flashing her gusset), but also be subjected to a harrowing sex attack that spares no detai