Schulmädchen-Report: Was Eltern nicht für möglich halten (1970)

Director: Ernst Hofbauer
Studio: Rapid Film

Starring: Gunther Kieslich, Wolf Harnisch, Helga Kruck, Friedrich von Thun, Peter Dornseif, Lisa Fitz, Marion Haberl, Christina Hoeltel, Claudia Holl, Sandra Kruger, Ruth Kullenberg, Alexander Miller, Gernot Mohner, Gunther Mohner, Gitti Netzle, Karel Otto, Wolf Petersen, Mascha Rabben, Roswitha Randl, Waltraud Schaeffler, Manfred Schott, Michael Schreiner, Gundi Schwobel, Karin Simsel, Jutta Speidel, Franziska Stommer, Tonio von der Meden, Hertha von Walther, Susanne Woelfel, Ursula Wolff.

Description: After an 18-year-old student seduces someone during a school outing, the case goes before the “Parent’s Association”. One of the members tries to defend her actions by giving other “examples” of this behavior he has encountered in his practice. In a series of erotically charged episodic-stories, we see a young girl seduce her step-father, a gymnast who enjoys some locker room antics with a coach and a trio of beautiful young girls “save” a lifeguard at the local pool.

Alternate Titles
Las Colegialas se confiesan (1° parte) Spain
Confessions of a Sixth Form Girl UK
Schoolgirl Report Part 1: What Parents Don’t Think Is Possible
Actors: Jutta Speidel