Cronaca Nera 2: Diritto d’autore (1994)

Director: Mario Salieri
Studio: Mario Salieri Entertainment Group

Starring: Barbara Doll, Beatrice Valle, Deborah Wells, Julia Channel, Herve Pierre Gustave, Jean-Yves Le Castel, John Walton, Maeva, Massimo Palazzi, Sidonie Lamour, Steve Vincent.

Description: Thanks to this new concept of cinema X-verite, penetrate into the spicy scenes hidden behind the most incredible cases of immorality. Ripped from the headlines, the film is part of the “Black Chronicle” collection in which real news stories are revisited. This true story shot without the least concession, which scandalized all of Italy, will lead you in to the decadent and depraved world of hustling Italian politics.

Alternative Title:
Plainte Contre X 2: les vices du ministre