Le professeur d’amour (1981)

Alternate Titles
Die blutjungen Liebesschülerinnen Mike Hunter video title
Calda e dolce Juliette DVD available Shendene DVD, shortened version, with Peccato preferito
Lusthotel DVD available full version (?), Mike Hunter DVD

Dominique Saint Claire is presumably Dominique Devaux (in Italian credits) and plays Juliette. Brigitte Verbecq is Brigitte Verbeck. A brunette maid is Ingrid Lovin. A brunette guest is Pascale Vital.

Alain Reybaud is Alban Ceray and plays George. Patrick Grondelbeck may be the male Dominique Saint-Claire (Gil Lagardère) who plays the hood Alain Mesnir. The bearded waiter is unidentified.

George and Juliette are on holiday. She behaves outrageously – walking up the steps of the hotel in her undies (after the first example of a running slapstick gag where her dress gets caught in the car door), exposing her breasts to the waiter and blowing him a kiss. (But we don’t see her do hard core in the Italian DVD, though we do in the more complete Mike Hunter DVD.)

Brigitte Verbecq, George’s wife, is a lawyer and we first see her in her gown of office sitting at her desk being pleasured by Gil, a criminal, presumably a client. Then she turns up at the hotel – and her dress gets caught in the lift door.

The waiter is turned on by what he sees at the hotel and has sex with the maid and every woman – Brigitte, the maid, a guest (Pascale Vital) seems to throw herself at Alban, except Dominique.

The Italian version is shortened at 40 odd minutes, but the Mike Hunter is 1 hour 15 mins.