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Eleven Days, Eleven Nights 2 (1991)

Author Sarah Asproon (Kristine Rose) tries to get over her writer’s block.
So first she dumps her handsome husband – after having sex, of course. (‘We’re still good friends, it just didn’t work out.’)
Then, she gets a call a call from her editor Jackie (Laura Gemser), and they go jogging together.

Jackie has some news about Lionel Durrington, ‘that crazy old New Orleans millionaire’ who took Sarah through some passionate and imaginative nights on a cruise once. Sarah learns he died 10 days ago, and that he named her in his will.

So off she goes to Lousiana…to get rid of her writers’ block by meeting a bunch of spoiled and depraved creeps that are the Durrington family…and to find out that she’s the one to determine who’s ‘the most worthy heir’…

…IN 11 DAYS!!

This is probably the sleaziest late D’Amato softcore flick. You might want to take a shower after…or rewatch Kristine taking one.

A soft-core highlight by late Father Joe

Though the flick moves at a slow pace and contains relatively little nudity, it manages to deliver the goods with an unusually inventive script and some weird ideas and characters. The ultra-cheesy crowd of creepy heirs is completely disgusting and overacts all the way – good fun, if you ask me. And there’s also some ludicrous stuff: The white-haired sicko father, for instance, drugs a teeny girl, who starts dancing while he solves her math homework and turns on the music. Enough for him: he goes ahead and rapes her in front of his son. No wonder this poor guy becomes a traumatized impotent voyeur who positions cams all over the mansion. That’s why we get to see the bomb-boobed flat-tummied star Kristine Rose in a shower scene. She then takes trauma-boy to a strip club, and we get a lengthy dance performed by two very flexible ladies…and the like. Sexual action is never explicit enough and exceedingly clothed, except for the final coitus, which sports nice back-lighted closeup shots of Rose’s pubic hair…alas, it’s all black due to contrast. Laura Gemser just got a cameo here as usual, no nudity anymore at this age. A pity, I guess. There’s a cute plot-twist right at the end, though, and I won’t tell this one. More than you ever expected – probably. The title tune is haunting, the rest of the music well done, as usual with Filmirage productions. Costumes and sets: ditto. Well done, Joe!

Date: May 7, 2022
Actors: Laura Gemser