Profession: baiseuse (1979)

Alternate Titles
Ich will nur ficken DVD available Mike Hunter, DVD title
Nymphoman Dir. given as Monique Carrera Mike Hunter, VHS title
La Psychanalyse mène à tout

Morgane goes to visit a private detective. Her nymphomaniac sister is missing. She describes her sister’s sexual activities. But Morgane’s purpose is really to seduce him – she had previously met him in the street (only in the original French version). The tales turn them both on and they have sex together. This is repeated on her second visit. The tales are an excuse to use archive footage.

Archive footage is taken mainly from Les Plaisirs fous, Fantaisies pour couples and Tout est permis. The Mike Hunter release gives the director as Monique Carrera, but this choice of archive footage, plus the fact that the private detective has a plush office in what seems to be the same large house used as the brothel-cum-swingers’ club in Les Plaisirs fous, suggests that the director was Georges Fleury.