Story of O, the Series (7-8) (1992)

What is exact meaning of “Love” for a female? Is it the same that we are told about? Or it is slavery, bondage, sadomasochism and objectification? What lies at the end of the run? Who will chuckle at the end of the consumerism and gender dynamics? Whom will this “Love” cater? – The Patriarchy or the Mankind?

This TV series has tried to seek out the answer in its own way. In accord to imdb, ”The film came out on Video on the BRI Home Video in 1994 as a 10 Volume set. Each Tape contains one 60 minute episode. The film contains nudity and many adult situations but it is tasteful and while it is erotic and does contain a lot of nudity, it is not pornographic in nature. They did a good job with the series but it has two flaws built into it. First, as a series it was doomed…there are only a limited number of S & M tricks that the writers could pull out of their hats…before it starts getting repetitive. Secondly, because it is a series and not a mini series the 10 volume set does end at point that brings some closure but it ends without a bang…Perhaps it was just one of many episodes that was ment to be followed by another episode the next week. The Picture above is for the 1975 film directed by Just Jaeckin and has nothing to do with the series…likewise the Amazon vhs link brings you to the Just Jaeckin version which has nothing to do with the Series. The Volumes in the 10 volume set and their contents are listed below:

In Volume Seven O is brought to the all female environment at Anne-Marie’s countryside estate for further training…Where she is marked with Sir Stephen’s initials.

In Volume Eight Having been received more training while during her stay Anne-Marie’s estate she returns to Sir Stephen. He picks out her wardrobe and decides to lend her services to some other men. O also become Jealous when She learns that Rene is seducing Jacqueline so that he can present her to Sir Stephen.