Marco Polo: La storia mai raccontata (1994)

“An opulent, erotic production, highlighted by flamboyant costumes, by exotic locations (in the Philippines, not in China) and a generous helping of kinky, anal-accented sex, Marco Polo again sets new standards of erotic quality for directors Luca Damiano (Franco Lo Cascio) and Joe D’Amato. Rocco Siffredi plays Marco perfectly, as a carousing stud whose amorous favorite, exotic brunette Tabatha Cash, rubs magical juices on her twat and asshole to quench the burn of Rocco’s absence. Rocco and his male scribe explore the world with expert cocksmanship, beguiling Oriental maidens en masse and collecting strange, perverted potions for their pleasure. In a particularly sizzling orgy scene, as golden aphrodisiac dust flutters from the heavens, seven gorgeous slavegirls are frightened with a live boa constrictor prior to being laid to waste by Rocco’s serpentine tongue and piston-powered flesh snake”