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Bourgeoises mais… perverses! (1986)

The plot involves some sort of business rivalry between a rich man with a wife (Jessica Stehl in a spikey blonde wig) and a daughter (Isa Dery, even more punk) and Tina Loren (whose husband is having an affair with Jessica Stehl). Tina Loren teams up with Melissa Bonsardo and Marilyn Jess to put one over on her rival. Various sex scenes ensue.

Alternate Titles
Bourgeoises mais… perverses ! originally title of soft version, then title of Alpha France video re-release of hard version, then title of DVD. On-screen title ends with !, cover title does not.
Jeunes femelles soumises mais perverses
Jeunes femelles soumises mais salopes ?
Der Millionen-Fick West Germany, VHS Carat 1173, 1 hr 20 mins
Sex Academy 69 West Germany, onscreen title, shorter version, 58 mins, probably soft
Sex Akademie Netherlands, video title, shorter version, 58 mins, probably soft