La Kermesse du sexe (1979)

Two attachées de presse, obviously in Pierre Unia’s office (several of his film posters are on the walls) meet and make ‘friends’. The one in red (Caroline) comes into the office in search of photos as the other is sorting out stills from sex films. At first Caroline declares that she does not care much for sex films. Yet they browse through the photos recalling scenes from films and both women get more and more excited until they are joined by a technician called Pierrot. The film uses this context mainly to show us scenes from previous Pierre Unia films.

The first photo brings back memories of a scene from Gaëlle, Malou… et Virginie (Man and woman in a swimming pool at night). The second photo reminds them of a scene between Yves Collignon (a hitch-hiker) and Marlène Myller who gives him a lift.

The next is about Vénus (France Lomay), a jobless girl who has been offered a writing job but has no idea about what to write. The maid from the hotel (Barbara Moose) teaches her a few things after telling the story of a girl raped by a masked man carrying a knife (an extract from Gaëlle, Malou… et Virginie).

Then comes an extract from Candice Candy: Béatrice Harnois and Chantal Fourquet. This is followed by the story of Tom Polka, thus called as his penis dances to his harmonica (Cyril Val, Mika Barthel and a brunette (Grisonne Jones)).

The next scene features Danièle David and a therapist (Monique Bruno); followed by Cristel Lauris and Cyril Val (L’Enlèvement des Sabines); and Cristel Lauris and Patrick Lyonnet in a bathroom; Noëlle Bellami and Daniel Trabet in a barn, then Jenny Feeling and the same Daniel Trabet (B… comme Béatrice); Béatrice Harnois and Gabriel Pontello from Candice Candy.

Meanwhile Pierrot, a technician bringing films, discovers the two ‘attachées de presse’ in full action. His presence is soon revealed and he is asked to join them.

Finally, there is a last melting pot of scenes from Candice Candy (Syvia Bourdon’s rape scene with Jacques Insermini and his two associates. Béatrice Harnois with Richard Lemieuvre. France Quénie with Jocelyne Clairis. Sylvia Bourdon with Patrick Lyonnet).

Back to the two attachées de presse and Pierrot who’s having a real hard time with the two girls.

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