Fantasyworld (1979)

Woodyanders – Strange, yet titillating porn from the always dependable Bob Chinn:

Three sailors on leave and a trio of vacationing telephone operators find themselves at an odd remote club in San Francisco that specializes in making bizarre sexual fantasies come true. Writers/directors Bob Chinn and Jeffrey Fairbanks do a masterful job of crafting a heady and mysterious erotic atmosphere with a rather dark vibe brooding just underneath the seemingly perfect surface. Indeed, the deliriously intoxicating and somewhat alarming sensual mood gives this arrestingly peculiar outing an extra potent and arousing charge as everyone in the club has their deepest carnal desires indulged. The actors who play the sailors all do sound work: Jon Martin as the swaggering Cal, Jesse Adams as the scruffy Sloan, and Michael Morrison as boastful drawling hick Frank. The ladies who portray the telephone operators are all likewise solid and sexy: Laurien Dominique as the uptight Chrissie, Jessie St. James as the bubbly Nancy, and Sharon Kane as brash know-it-all Ellen. However, it’s James Price who easily steals the show with his deliciously creepy portrayal of sinister emcee Nigel. The sex scenes are super hot stuff, with Chrissie’s naughty dominatrix fantasy rating as the definite scorching highlight. Ken Gibb’s glossy cinematography makes inspired use of bright red colors — thereby suggesting that the club might be a lascivious version of Hell — and gives this picture an impressive polished look. Chet Moore’s funky-throbbing score does the pulsating trick. Nice theme song by Paul Thomas, too. Well worth seeing for those seeking something different in adult cinema.