Secrétariat privé (1980)

Alternate Titles
La Secrétaire a video title

Guy Royer is some sort of businessman. Elisabeth Buré is his secretary, Josianne. We see her giving him a blowjob under his desk at the start of the film. Dominique Saint-Claire plays another, higher-status, employee, prudish Josefa, an accounts secretary. Guy’s blonde wife, Valérie (Nadine Roussial), is having a lesbian affair with Elisabeth Buré. Their maid, Maria, is Nicole Segaud. Richard Lemievre and Piotr Stanislas are employees (salesmen).

Jean-Francois is sexually aroused by listening to Valérie and Josefa having sex together while he is screwing other women. He decides to promote and sell golden dildos to women as “house appliances” for their pleasure. He then gives each employee a dildo as a gift/sample for them to promote these items to the best of their abilities.

Jean-Francois is having an affair with Maria as well as receiving sexual favours from Elisabeth Buré in the office. Maria plants a walkie-talkie so that they can eavesdrop on his wife and her lover while they make love themselves.

There is an office meeting where Guy gives golden dildos to Richard Lemieuvre, Piotr Stanislas and Elisabeth Buré. Lemieuvre hides in the ladies with his and then persuades a blonde, Laura Clair, to try it out for him. This leads to a b/g scene. The other male gives his to Dominique Saint Claire who is offended, complains to Guy and tries to resign, but she is pacified by the explanation that this is now office policy in order to promote them. Josianne uses hers on herself. Eventually Josefa gets interested and gets Guy to teach her how to use it. This again leads to a b/g scene.

Josianne visits when Valérie is out and seduces the maid, Maria. Valérie walks in on them and is persuaded to join in a threesome.

The Valérie and her husband persuade all the female employees to have an evening party at their home. This becomes a one-male, four-female orgy with Jean-Francois, his wife, the maid and his two female employees.