Der Fluch der schwarzen Schwestern (1973)

“Helga (Marie Forså) and Monika are descendents of a lesbian vampire named Baroness Varga. In order for the two women to collect their inheritance they must stay at the Baroness’s castle for one year. The Baroness Varga needs one of these two women’s body to house her reincarnated soul. Peter and his sister Julia a doctor who studies local superstitions are left stranded outside of the Baroness’s castle when their car breaks down. They seek refugee in the castle and Julia quickly discovers the evil that is present in the castle.

Vampire Ecstasy would mark Joe Sarno’s one and only foray into the world of lesbian vampires. The film relies more on imagery then dialog which is sparse. There are many beautiful women in this film and every one of them get naked before the film is over. The story is pretty standard still Sarno’s mesmerizing photography lift what might be in a lesser director’s hands an average film at best. Overall Vampire Ecstasy is more erotic and seductive then any of Jean Rollin’s lesbian vampire films.” – Michael Den Boer, 10K Bullets


More of a sex film  than a horror film.  I really got into the constant tribal drums playing throughout.  One of the funnier aspects of Vampire Ecstasy is that the actors are speaking english but supposedly a few of them learned their lines phonetically.  It’s pretty obvious at times that certain actors have no clue what they are actually saying.

Not as much bump and grind as Butterflies, but still lots of nudity in this one.  As usual the best sex scenes are with Marie Forsa.

Alternate Titles
Black Night – Sexorgien der schwarzen Hexen
Möte med djävulen Swedish 1977 re-issue title
Den Pornografiske jungfrun 1974 Swedish release
Sexorgien der schwarzen Hexen Kult Video DVD
Vampire Ecstasy USA
Veil of Blood USA