Der Frauenarzt vom Place Pigalle (1981)

Alternate Titles
Infirmières lubriques, Jeunes filles en chaleur à sodomiser title of French theatrical release, The Last Word in Sex USA Command Video Médecin pour femmes seules, Les Patientes du gynecologue title of Blue One DVD (1 hr 14½ mins.) with Hôtesses très spéciales and Parfums de lingeries intimes, Profondamente Italy

His secretary and / or nurse is Dr.Moreau and Karina have sex in surgery. Her screams attract the attention of two men working in the car of someone (Dominique Aveline) in the street. Moreau’s wife, Pauline, rings him in the middle of it, and Karina answers the phone. Pauline is in her underwear and has a large dildo that she continues to use. Dr.The sex between Moreau and Karina continues to face off.

We see the daughter of moreaus (Lise Pinson) with her post – tennis boyfriend-no action. At the door of the apartment building, the man kisses her goodbye and her mother comes out and accepts her boyfriend’s offer of an elevator. Furious at his daughter’s lack of action, the boyfriend tries to land with his girlfriend’s mother.

Pauline comes to the clinic and has lesbian sex with Karina. Meanwhile, Dr.Moreau receives oral sex from a patient (Cathy Ménard) in the office. Then he drives her (reverse cow girl).

Later, Dr. Moreau comes home to find his wife and maid in the kitchen. Their daughter arrives and joins her family at the dinner table. She has a slight tiff and her daughter leaves.

She goes to her boyfriend’s place and receives oral sex from another girl (Mika Barthel). Upset, she meets Christian, who has a boyfriend on the street, and he delivers his troubles to her.

Moreaus has sex at the dinner table and listens as the maid (XNK0359) dries the dishes and caresses her breasts.

Christian leads her to the place where she trains him by having sex with her daughter (Marianne Aubert) while she watches.

Moreau is the daughter who plays bj in the middle again, this time with Karina.

Pauline visits her daughter’s boyfriend and has sex with him.

A mature brunette patient (XNK0360) finds herself Dr.It forces Moreau.

Pauline learns of their daughter’s troubles, and she and her daughter go to her boyfriend for a practical lesson (or to give him a lesson). They strip him and get to have the trio.

A brunette patient (XNK0357) Dr.He visits Moreau, kidnaps him, and takes him to a cellar where three other women are waiting. The two are masked, but the masks soon take off. One is a blonde (Veronique Délaissé), while the other is a very ugly brunette (XNK0356). They’re moving on with him.

Director: Michel Jean (Michael Goritschning)
Notes: DVD Ribu