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Simona (1974)

AKA Histoire de l’oeil.
Based on Bataille’s Story of the Eye, this resembles the spirit and tone of the author’s writing a thousand times more than the XXX Story of the Eye.

Made in 1975 befure Antonelli was a household name in Italy, the film follows the adventures of Simone and her friend George who, in a warped coming of age tale, partake in lurid sexual acts together. Along the way, they meet a young girl named Marcelle whom they drive to the brink of madness with their actions.

I downloaded a copy with Italian and Spanish audio tracks so I removed the Spanish track then I ripped the Italian audio and sent it to a friend in Italy and he translated. Seeing as he’s from Italy and speaks Italian, he did 99% of the work. When he handed the translations back to me, I did a polish. I eased up some of the translation issues and used the story as a source for some of the more tawdry dialogue. So what you have before you is the closest translation that’s ever been made available.

An interesting bit of trivia on the film: Director Donald Cammell was hired to supervise an English language re-edit of this film, which ultimately was never released….until now!

Enjoy! I haven’t watched the whole thing yet and I know I’m very much looking forward to this.

Actors: Laura Antonelli