Porca società (1978)

Lots of nudity and scenes of drug abuse highlight this tale of an idealistic young worker’s downfall, set against the backdrop of leftist public protests which shook Italy during the early 1970s.

The young mechanic Paul lives with his parents and works in a motor shop until, driven by a fellow worker, he joins a student protest, where he meets the uninhibited (and frequently naked) socialist Michela. In between workers uprisings she makes porno films for the mob, and takes a bath with her prostitute girlfriend.

Michela has been separated for a long time from her husband Renato, largely because of Renato’s conventional and cold middle-class stance. In other words Renato doesn’t dig Michela’s whorish ways. Paul and Renato somehow become friends.

Although Paul piously rejects the advances of Michela, he is intrigued and spiritually attracted by the new political movement. He begins reading Lenin, smoking weed and hanging out in socialist circles. He blows off his capitalistic job for three weeks and gets fired. When Renato suggests that Paul move in with him, the mechanic refuses. Renato falsely accuses Paul of having an affair with Michela.

Peaceful demonstrations keep turning into riots, students are attacked by police. The relationship of Paul, Rentato and Michela will be tested again.