Die liebestollen Apothekerstöchter (1972)

lazarillo on IMDB wrote:A young, virginal nurse (Sybil Danning) gets fired from her job in the city and returns to her hometown to stay with her druggist father and her two younger sisters. The father is a local “moral reformer” who naively believes his two youngest daughters are both innocent virgins, even though they’ll both hop into bed at the drop of some lederhosen. The younger sisters are afraid the older virgin will expose their activities to their oblivious father, so they first try to arrange for various men to seduce her, and when that doesn’t work, they invent a powerful aphrodisiac. But, of course, it all goes completely awry in a not-so-hilarious but occasionally pretty sexy way. . .

I’ve watched a number of German sex comedies for no real reason at all, and this one features German sex star Sybil Danning in a very early role (and REALLY stretching herself by playing a virgin). Naturally, Danning looks pretty good–although I really wish the liner notes of DVD hadn’t pointed out that the young Danning looked kind of like Paris Hilton (but then Paris Hilton would be quite attractive if only she weren’t Paris Hilton). The actresses playing the sisters (Eve Garden, )looked vaguely familiar and I believe one or both were veterans of the German “report” type films. Unfortunately, the OTT Italian stereotype “Luigi” from those films also turns up playing an impotent schmuck. Of course, there is lots of gratuitous nudity all around (including “Luigi”, unfortunately).

As for the quality of the film otherwise, uh. . .Well, it’s not particularly funny. The English dubbing is highly annoying, especially the guy playing the father, but that’s par for the course with these things. So if you like Barvarian sex comedies in general or you like Sybil Danning, you’ll probably find this at least somewhat entertaining (or more entertaining than the Paris Hilton sex tape at least).

Franz Antel, Michel Caputo

Sybil Danning
Eva Garden
Alena Penz
Christiane Maybach
Claus Tinney
Wolfgang Jansen
Gernot Möhner
Sascha Hehn
Erich Padalewski
Thomas Hörbiger
Rinaldo Talamonti
Josef Moosholzer
Paul Löwinger

Alternate Titles
Les 69 dalmatiennes 1974 France
Avale tout / J’aime tout 1981, Dir. additional hard-core scenes by Michel Baudricourt
Don’t Tell Daddy UK
Blutjung und liebeshungrig
Naughty Nymphs USA
Passion Pill Swingers USA video title