Vild på sex (1974)

From Joseph W. Sarno – The Master of Erotic Cinema – comes this classic, true-to-life tale brimming with a non-stop eroticism, insatiable female lust and carnal sensuality that knows no bounds!

The sizzling adventure begins the moment traveling student Bibi (Swedish starlet Marie Forsa) arrives at the home of her elegantly attractive aunt. Beautiful, vulnerable and naive, Bibi desperately yearns to experience the love of other women and feels its temptation pulling at her. Each day she finds herself in the company of her aunt’s sexy young female friends and, soon, is unable to control her surging desires any longer. One-by-one Bibi seduces all of them, her lust growing and becoming more daring, more sensuous, more hot-blooded with every new and delicious encounter. From the first intimate coupling, to steamy menages-a-trois, to breathless orgiastic foursomes and beyond, Bibi’s wildest fantasies simply cannot be satisfied! And with her innocence long gone, her lovers begging for more, and her aunt aroused by her erotic conquests, Bibi must decide if she has taken things too far…or not yet far enough!

Alternate Titles
Baby Love USA
Bibi – Lustreport einer Frühreifen
Bibi – sündig und süß
Bibi, Confessions of Sweet Sixteen
Confessions of a Sex Kitten
Girl Meets Girl USA video title