Neiges brûlantes (1983)

Alternate Titles
Burning Snow USA, Caballero DVD, 1 hr 15 mins
Lorna Italy, Shendene DVD, box and screen title
Lovely Sexual Baby Shendene DVD, title on disk
Marilyn Burning Snow Herzog DVD title. 1 hr 28 mins
Marilyn for Ever
Swedish Playbirds 1982 UK, soft version, 61 minutes
La Venus des neiges
Voluptés aux sports d’hiver soft version

Director: Michel Lemoine
Studio: Alpha Video

Starring: Olinka Hardiman, Olivia Flores, Claudia Nabel, Michelle Villers, Evelyne Lang
Description: Muriel, Roland’s young and lovely fiancee, precedes him in the ski resort where they have to spend their holidays. All the regulars of the station think they recognize in Muriel a girl with very light manners who had defrayed the chronicle last year. This strange resemblance involves Muriel in spite of herself in a senseless erotic whirlwind where she will discover extreme enjoyments