Porr i skandalskolan (Second Coming of Eva) (1974)

Known in Sweden as Porr i skandalskolan, this is an accessible piece of European smut. In fact, there were several things which make Eva standout from the standard XXX fare of the 1970s. First and foremost, the mansion (supposedly Harrad University in Sweden) is beautiful and unique. One of the highlights—Elliott being seduced by five of the schoolgirls—was shot in the circular, marble-heavy library (complete with a billiard-green carpet), which is architecturally fascinating to see. I know, I know: the production design is unimportant in a film like this, but I had to say I was dazzled by it.Otherwise, this is pretty much 33% actual plot and 66% hardcore sex. Well, almost hardcore; you get everything but bodily fluids, which should be enough to satisfy the curious. There are a reasonably good amount of pretty girls on display here, including German honey (and former Playboy/Penthouse centerfold) Brigitte Maier (Sensations), who plays one of the girls from Beirut who does sex shows. Oddly enough, I thought the “actress” who played Eva was the least attractive of all them. The title is alluding to some kind of echoing scream which emanates from her while she’s making love; frankly, after hearing it three times, I decided to mute the TV.While most would feel compelled to fast forward during the dialogue scenes, there are a number of genuinely funny moments spread throughout Eva. Writer/director Mac Ahlberg is able to hold your attention even when there aren’t boobs or butts flying around, with a generous helping of one-liners and physical gags. For example, when one girl asks if something is burning, the guy she’s doing it with says “Yes, your bush!” Best of all is Goldenrod’s desperate scrambling to hide all the naked girls when Elliott arrives to do an inspection of the mansion.Ahlberg is the real reason why Eva has more erotic and technical juice than most others of its ilk. I’ve already mentioned the production design, but the cinematography and direction are more than competent. Even in the scenes where he speeds up the camera for silliness, he manages to make it amusing, and the climactic scene with Elliott and Eva’s older sister is a perfect example. The situation is preposterous, and Ahlberg knows it, but directing the scene with as much glee as he could muster. It’s no surprise Ahlberg later became heavily in demand by Hollywood, shooting (among other things), both Brady Bunch movies, and Beverly Hills Cop III.Impulse Pictures brings Eva to DVD for the first time. You don’t have to worry, either: the film is presented in all its uncut, unshaven, uncircumcised glory. Despite Eva’s age, the 1.66:1 anamorphic widescreen print is cleaner than you’d think. Colors are near perfect in terms of saturation, with no bleeding, and the black levels are solid. Grain and strands are visible in more than a few places, but overall Impulse has done a terrific job.The DD 2.0 Stereo track is not bad, but the soundtrack has its share of bleeps and cracks. The music score is about as psychedelic as you’d expect, sometimes being quite annoying. Impulse has included some brand new English subtitles, which is kind of weird considering most people that pick this film up won’t care what the characters are saying.

Alternate Titles
Adolescentes pour le plaisir first French release
Allez les filles French re-release, by Groupe 3 Distribution, with additional scenes and disguised as a French film
Licensed To Fuck West Germany, Rustler/Hunter
Second Coming of Eva USA
Skandal i skolan Sweden re-issue title
Skandalskolan DVD available Swedish DVD title
Wilde Perverse Spiele West Germany, UVG