Debbie Does ‘Em All (1985)

Debbie (Angel) finally gets the job she wanted as a flight attendant. On her first flight, she meets her old friend Pam (Shanna McCullough) who brings her to an orgy during their layover and together this pair make the skies friendlier than they’ve ever been.

For the many Angel fans on this tracker, here’s a gem featuring the starlet (possibly the most beautiful woman ever to appear in adult films) looking young, fresh and brand new… with her hair not fully grown out– and backed by an opening theme song so closely based on Madonna’s hit song HOLIDAY that Ms. Ciccone’s ears must have rung to the point of tinnitus.

Shot in the mid-1980’s on 35mm film, Angel plays the titular “Debbie” of the title, who has a burning ambition to be a globe-trotting stewardess, partying while crosscrossing the hemispheres in the sky and on the ground.

  • Scene 1. Angel, Shanna McCullough, Nick Niter
  • Scene 2. faceless girl, faceless guy
  • Scene 3. Lynx Canon, Dan T. Mann
  • Scene 4. Angel, Jamie Gillis
  • Scene 5. Lili Marlene, Rod Grant
  • Scene 6. Cory Marjon, Jonathon Younger
  • Scene 7. Angel, Lonnie Emerson
  • Scene 8. Angel, Rod Grant