A Freira e a Tortura (1983)

During the military dictatorship in Brazil the chief of police of São Paulo, a decent God fearing man, is given orders to investigate Joanna, a teacher who is giving classes to poor people in the slums. He arrests her but is startled to learn that she’s also a nun. She is accused of subversion without any evidence and isolated in jail without any communication with the outside world. She is tortured and submitted to all sort of humiliation by the degenerates who work in the prison but she will not confess after endless bouts of extreme cruelty. The detective gets increasingly turned on by the many sessions of torture and eventually decides to have her for himself at any cost. I had no idea what the characters were saying but still enjoyed this exercise in sleazy Brazilian softcore which does at least look good for a film this old. This is a television rip which could explain the good quality of the picture and lack of hardcore footage.