Os Sete Gatinhos (1980)


Quote:Noronha, who works at the Chamber of Deputies as an office boy, lives in the Grajaú with his wife, Gorda and their five unmarried daughters, Aurora, Hilda, Debora, Arlete and Silene, who is only 16 years old. This, the youngest, is the most spoiled of all and, being the only “pure”, has the right to a good education in a boarding school. But soon their lives take a different turn when she is accused in high school of killing a pregnant cat. The family seems as normal as any, but behind their appearances they hide untrue secrets. The four oldest daughters prostitute themselves to ensure Silene’s chastity and upbringing. From the incident occurred in school, it is discovered the young girl is not pure as everyone thinks.

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Quote:Brazilian Sexploitation
Andre20108 October 2005
I’ve seen this movie a long time ago in an obscure Brazilian movie cable channel, its a cheap exploitation movie, with lots of nudity and sex thrown into the movie for no reason at all, not that I’m against that, I’m no hypocrite, just that these are all blunt, poorly-done sex scenes, that range from masturbation (the mother in the bed), to pedophilia (when noronha allows an old man to ” pay a visit” to his younger daughter in her own room), to the shocking situation of having a father using his own daughters as prostitutes. But this movie has a satirical message in its heart, for all i known, its about the crumbling and the decadence of a traditional family’s core and overall family values in the modern days and the hypocrisy that lies underneath the family’s institution, with some cries for sexual liberation, during a time when Brazil was under a repressive military dictatorship…Despite the clumsiness of its social commentary and the trashy sexual aspects, it provides some moments of weird comedy, like the erect penises the mother (simply referred as “Gorda”-Fat) paints in the bathroom walls (since noronha cant provide her with any pleasure no more), to the climatic scene where noronha (the father)completely loses his mind because of their daughters’s throwaway sexual behavior and throws his puritanism out the window, forcing the girls to “work” for him, using their own house as a whorehouse! Lima Duarte’s performance is what stands in this movie that doesn’t belong to the sex department, and it surprised me, since I’ve only seen this actor playing more straight-edged, conventional characters on some Brazilian soap operas and Portuguese/Brazilian movies (like his magnificent role of Padre António Vieira on “Palavra e Utopia”). Here, he gives a maniacal portrait of a family man that starts the movie as an overprotective father and then crumbles into a complete pervert, shedding his false morals. Not a great movie, but if you like cheap trashy cinema, you might get a look outside the john waters realm…