The Night of the Spanish Fly (1976)

A shipment of Go-Go Weiners gets contaminated with the potent aphrodisiac Spanish Fly. This incident in turn causes an epidemic of wild and wanton lovemaking to break out all over New York City by people who consume the tainted hot dogs.

Director Bob Mason keeps the enjoyably inane story moving along at a zippy pace and maintains an amiable lighthearted tone. The cheerfully crude sense of blithely bawdy humor won’t win any awards for either subtlety or sophistication, but proves to be pretty amusing just the same (the mock-Rod Serling narrator and ridiculous radio broadcasts about the outbreak in particular are hilarious). Moreover, the various carnal vignettes are energetic and arousing: Slender brunette looker Day Jason seduces a lucky delivery boy, the attractive Pachucho sisters tag team horny merchant seaman Ed Marshall, snarky and shrewish housewife Juliet Graham lets her irate husband have some, fetching college coed Angel Barrett does the deed with nerdy professor Jeffrey Hurst, and comely cosmetics saleslady Jennifer Jordan jumps Beerbohn Tree’s bones. The groovy score by Dickie Long and the Splendid Members hits the right-on spot; the catchy jingle for Go-Go Weiners is a silly hoot.

  • Scene 1. Day Jason, guy
  • Scene 2. Unknown Female 3847-A, Unknown Female 3847-B, Ed Marshall
  • Scene 3. Juliet Graham, guy
  • Scene 4. Angel Barrett, Jeffrey Hurst
  • Scene 5. brun, Ashley Moore
  • Scene 6. Jennifer Jordan, Beerbohn Tree