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Corpi nudi (1983)

This italian sexplotation yawnathon is another for the fans of Marisa Mell and Femi Benussi.
Gianni Dei is getting over an injury and is in a  wheelchair , he spends his time watching porn and having fantasies.

Alternate Titles
Nude Strike

Ajita Wilson in the h/c inserts
Danièle Troeger in added hard footage of Spanish release
Femi Benussi ‘la partecipazione straordinaria’, in Italian version
France Lomay in added hard footage of Spanish release
Guia Lauri Filzi plays Rosa, friend of Ines, also in h/c inserts
Marina Hedman in the h/c inserts
Marisa Mell ‘la partecipazione straordinaria’
Rosy Navarro plays Ines, Luciano’s girlfriend
Sandy Samuel in the h/c inserts

Director:Amasi Damiani as Joseph Mallory
Notes:Italy, S.I.D.A.F., soft, with hard inserts