Massage Girls in B’Kok (1979)

Director: John Amorn, Alex de Renzy
Studio: Mini Cat Production, TCX

Starring: Varee Pornsavan, Supreeya Vichit, Mariam Boonkonk, Nop Nirun, Kovit Piamsook, Virot Prosorn, Seni Suntorn, Preeda Vacharin, Prasong Iamvon, Lotus Blossom.

Description: Set in Thailand, the story follows a mother and her two daughters who all work in a massage parlor specialized in erotic massages that also serves as a front for semi-legal prostitution. Some girls don’t mind it, but others don’t want to pleasure their sleazy customers. When a particularly nasty customer dubbed Ned unhappy with just the massage tries to abuse one of the daughters at knifepoint, the girl kills him in self-defense and the mother takes the blame. Unfortunately, the dead rapist belonged to a small but dangerous gang that takes brutal revenge. Her grieving cabby husband and traumatized young son then seek vengeance themselves. Meanwhile, the other daughter agrees to model nude for an artist and seduces him. The mother is released with no charge as the murder is considered justifiable. She considers quitting her job and accepting her boyfriends offer to come work as a cashier at his seedy but successful strip club.

Alternative Title:
Chinese Fortune Cookies