Ariella (1980)

Ariella (Nicole Puzzi) is a confused, beautiful and rich young woman. Rejected by her parents and siblings, she feels like a stranger in her own home and seeks an explanation for her existence. One day, she discovers that her life is really a farce: an orphan, she was adopted by Dr. Rodrigo (Sergio Hingst), who lured her real father and stole his fortune. Raised by her uncle and his wife Helena (Laura Cardoso), she then decides to take revenge against her family by seducing the supposed brothers (her cousins), Afonso and Clécio (Herson Capri and Dennis Derkian), Mercedes (Christiane Torloni), the bride of one of them, and even her adoptive father (her uncle), unmasking the family. The farce ends, less happy than she expected.