Candi Girl (1979)

Director: John Christopher
Studio: VCX, Pipeline Video Company

Starring: Rikki O’Neal, Brenda Lockwood, Eve Summers, John Holmes, Serena, Samantha Fox, Carter Stevens, Ron Hudd, Bobby Astyr, Herschel Savage
Description: This light comedy bounces from one pretty saleswoman to another. Each employee proves to be very efficient with customers. Ben and Larry are responsible for the success of the operation. Each Saleswoman has been hired after a tough interview covering oral expertise and natural attributes. Family ties play an important part in Candi Girl, when Ben and Larry get into trouble operating their car business. Candi, the seductive sister-in-law, is the first one to come to the rescue in a very provocative manner.

  • Scene 1. Rachel Farraday, Carter Stevens
  • Scene 2. Marcia Minor, Herschel Savage
  • Scene 3. Marcia Minor, Rachel Farraday
  • Scene 4. Serena, Carter Stevens
  • Scene 5. Samantha Fox, Herschel Savage, John Holmes
  • Scene 6. Rikki O’Neal, Bobby Astyr, Ron Hudd