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Concetta Licata (1994)

Director:Mario Salieri
Notes:999 Black and Blue Productions, 80 mins.

The film begins with Selen tossing and turning in her hospital bed and the following events seem to be her dreams of what has happened to her and those associated with her.

John Walton leaves the restaurant where he is dining with Erika Bella and another couple and meets Kelly Trump. They have sex on some stairs.

Erika Bella also leaves the restaurant and is accosted by Backey Jakic with whom she has sex on the same or a similar set of stairs, watched by John Walton.

Some non-sex scenes follow which would no doubt explain the story if I could have followed them – Erika Bella gives some paper money to an older woman. John Walton has a conversation with Erika Bella. Selen wakes up in her own bed next to that of Draghixa. They both get up and go to the kitchen.

Brief interplay between Don Fernando and another men in a garage workshop. The other man (Santino) turns out to be Selen’s boyfriend. They drive off in a car and get mixed up in a Mafia shooting of a policeman. The gangsters swear them to silence – or else. We then see Draghixa confessing to her priest, Erminio Bianchi.

A sex scene between Don Fernando and Joy Karin’s follows. Two cops arrive just as climax is reached. They are investigating the shooting and are led to Selen’s boyfriend. Selen is brought in to be interviewed by the police commissioner. Selen phones her lawyer while her boyfriend is put into a cell with Joe Calzone.

Selen visits her boyfriend in the jail and Dalila is also a visitor. Draghixa seduces the priest (not a full sex scene) to get him to intercede. Prison governor Ron Jeremy talks to Dalila in his office. The two gunmen make further threats. The priest talks to a prison guard, Eric Weiss.

Ron Jeremy takes Dalila to a cell and makes her strip. They have sex. Meanwhile in another cell an inmate has been killed.

Several more non-sex, plot-advancing scenes follow including Draghixa eavesdropping on a conversation between the priest and Eric Weiss. Then there is a scene where the relatives gather round the deathbed of an old man. The relatives include Dalila and Eric Weiss who go to an adjoining room where he makes her have sex with him.

Selen now visits the priest and is persuaded to strip to topless in the confessional. The scene ends as he is beginning to grope her. Cut to more plot development before the priest takes Selen to another room where she has sex with Eric Weiss.

After a little more dialogue, we see a mini-orgy in a cell involving Joe Calzone, Eric Weiss, N’J de Bahia and Simona Valli with the priest watching and occasionally groping. This scene is not in the French-dubbed version viewed.

Ron Jeremy again exploits his postion to have sex with Selen in a cell. Then there is some sort of jail protest in the cells and canteen during which Selen’s boyfriend is slipped a knife and he stabs Ron Jeremy who has come to quell the protest.